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For Physicians

Why do physicians partner with SCA Health?

It is becoming increasingly challenging to succeed as independent providers in today’s healthcare environment. Physicians choose SCA Health because of our commitment to exceptional patient care and the value we create.

With 200+ surgical facilities across the country, SCA Health is a committed, strategic partner to physicians, offering industry expertise and enhanced long-term results. We’ve successfully partnered with many of the most innovative and successful physician groups across the country to provide surgical solutions.

“SCA Health has added tremendous value to our ASC partnership through strategic thinking and planning to strengthen our partnership as we entered the value-based healthcare world.”

-Dr. Tom Deas, Gastroenterologist

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What we offer:

  1. A commitment to making surgery scheduling as efficient as possible.
  2. Block time assignments which enable the surgeon to efficiently utilize his/her time.
  3. We are an “In Network” Insurance Provider for most major carriers, but will also facilitate scheduling of Out of Network Cases.
  4. Cell phone contacts, should you find a need to schedule after normal business hours.
  5. Downloadable Templates for Forms that help your surgeon minimize the “hassle” of preoperative paperwork.

What we offer Patients:

  1. A comfortable and personal environment for your patients with experienced, compassionate staff.
  2. Credentialed Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.
  3. Easy access from all Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex locations.
  4. A Business Office and Billing Service that will strive to make the patient happy.

What we offer Surgeons:

  1. An efficient operating room with extremely short turnovers, restoring time and control to the surgeon.
  2. A physician owned and directed system; assuring that the surgeon’s needs will be a number one priority.
  3. A Electronic Medical Record System that will minimize the “hassle” of endless forms.