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Ownership Disclosure

Physician Partners

All the physicians below have a financial interest in Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas.

Dr Ashkan Abbey
Dr Jamie K Alexander
Dr Rajiv Anand
Dr Walter E Beebe
Dr C. Brad Bowman
Dr Linda Burk
Dr Michelle R Butler
Dr Rene Choi
Dr Deborah Y Chong
Dr Claire Y Chu
Dr Lori Coors
Dr Jorge Corona
Dr Lori Dao
Dr Matthew E Emanuel
Dr Ronald Fellman
Dr David Godfrey
Dr Davinder S Grover
Dr Azra Idrizovic
Dr Judith A Kirby
Dr Helen Kornmann
Dr Phillip Lieu
Dr Andy M Lee
Dr Tyrone McCall
Dr Adam R Miller
Dr Silus P Motomarry
Dr Arvind Neelakantan
Dr Gregory R Nettune
Dr Hemang K Pandya
Dr Bob L Pansick
Dr Luke B Potts
Dr Steven Reinecke
Dr T. Jeff Russell
Dr Zev A Shulkin
Dr Oluwatosin Smith
Dr David Stager Jr
Dr Bradley D Strong
Dr Larry R Taub
Dr Robert C Wang
Dr Heather Winslow
Dr Joshua A Zaffos

You have the right to choose your provider and where your procedure is performed. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your physician.