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After Your Surgery

Offering easy to understand recovery instructions for you and your family is our priority. Read through our guide for more information.

What happens immediately after my surgery?
You will begin your post-op in a recovery room where a nurse and staff members will monitor your recovery. There will be a short recovery period, after which you will be transported to the transitional care (or step down) area. A nurse will go over your instructions from the surgery center and you will be discharged home with a responsible adult.

What are the side effects of my surgery?
Your doctor will inform you of any expected side effects. Ask any questions about the length of time that these effects can be expected to last and their severity. Call the doctor immediately if the side effects persist longer than expected or if their severity is worse than expected.

Who can I call if I have questions?
A telephone number will be provided in your discharge instructions.

How long should my recovery last?
Generally, you should be able to expect a 24 hour recovery before you resume normal activities. This is dependent upon your surgical procedure.

In case of an emergency:
Call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room. Ask emergency room personnel to contact your surgeon.

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