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Preparing for Eye Surgery

Preparing for eye surgery at OSCD? Here are a few things to take care of before your visit.

Taking any medications?
Please notify the center of any prescription drugs, herbs, vitamins and non-prescription drugs you are currently taking.

Are you working?
Recovery time varies with each patient and type of surgery. Please discuss the amount of time needed off work with your doctor.

How will you get home?
We advise that you not drive for 24 hours after your surgical procedure, so please make sure that you have someone available to drive you home safely after your procedure.

Do not plan to use taxis, public transportation, or rideshare services like UBER or Lyft. Without an appropriate means of getting home, your surgery may be canceled. You must plan to have someone drive you home.

The Day Before
Please take a bath or shower before your surgery to reduce the chance of infection.

Unless instructed by your physician, do not eat, drink or chew anything after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes gum, mints, candy and chewing tobacco.

Do not drink or smoke prior to surgery. For a specific time to discontinue drinking and smoking, ask your doctor.

One Last Reminder
If time allows, a representative from the surgery center will call to verify your benefits and inform you of financial obligations. If you have any questions regarding these obligations, please call us at (214) 750-9288.

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